Scrolls are used to add entries to the Soulpedia. They can be dropped from monsters or bought from Item Mall.


Scrolls are al tagged by a rarity, scaling from S to F. The rarity of the scrolls is not a way of measuring drop rate. It is a way of organising scrolls. Rarity can be used as an indication as it often correlates with the drop rate. The rarity works as follows.

Rarity F stands for a normal monster that cannot be used as a mount

Rarity E stands for a normal monster that can be used as a human mont

Rarity D stands for a normal monster that can be used as an anima mount.

Rarity C stands for an elite monster that cannot be used as a mount. Rarity C is also used for Boss monsters that are obtained through quests and cannot be mounted like the Chaotic Algae.

Rarity B stands for an elite monster that can be used as a human mount.

Rarity A and higher are unknown yet. They should include boss and rare mounts.

Drop RateEdit

A lot of discussions has been going on about the drop rate of scrolls and influences on it. Several theories have come up.

The influence of levelEdit

This theory is sort of confirmed already. The droprate of scrolls is highest around the level of the monster. Being a higher level decreases the chance of getting the scroll. It is unknown whether this works with a boundary like getting souls. As example: +5 levels = xx% less chance, +10 levels = xx% less chance. or that this works per level. How big the influence is is unknown too. Scrolls can be obtained at any level.

The influence of luckEdit

It is still a mysterie how luck influences scroll drop rate. Through experimenting with different forms of luck and farming scrolls the theorie came up that luck does not influence scroll drop rate at all. Perhaps the difference is very small, but this is absolutely no fact.

The level 26 flipEdit

It seems that after 26 a change occurs. Just like passives and crafting, the monsters change too. Huskawolves, Makimane, Goldmane, and Wolfsitter seem to be the first monsters unfluenced by this change. The scrolls seem harder to acquire than before. The types of Oceania in Everdark are an exception to this theory.

Monster GuideEdit

Here I will try to give an estimate of drop rate, how hard one is to farm. This is my personal guess, influenced by how hard I found it to get, and what I heared of others. More feedback is needed to make it a more reliable guide.

Taiyuan Field MonstersEdit

Taiyuan field monsters range from level 4 - 28, here follows a short guide about the monsters following the order of the Soulpedia.

Monster Name Level Rank Rarity Description/Drop Image
Algaerics 4 E Normal Common
Violena Algaerics 11 D Normal This scroll is decently hard to get. Due to their level they can best be farmed with new characters. Can be used as an anima mount
Brocco Algae 15 E Normal

This scroll has about the same drop rate of the Algaerics, but the monsters are harder to kill. Can be used as a human mount.

Cutesy Peach

11 F Normal Moderate
Chaotic Algae 11 C Boss Can be obtained when entering the Black Fog of Chaos located south of Taiyuan Ville.

Peach Forest MonstersEdit

Peach field monsters range from level 11-18

Monster Name

Level Rank Rarity Description/Drop Image

Peachakia Elf

15 E Normal Uncommon
Peachakian Sage 16 E Normal Uncommon
Verdant Peachakian - - Normal


Aged Peachakian

18 B Elite Rare
Makipeaches 11 F Normal Moderate
Toxopeach 12 F Normal Moderate
Heavapeach 13 F Normal Moderate
Wildentara 11 Normal